If you message me wondering where your confession is, if its been a long wait. You have to tell me what your confession was about so I can tell you where it is, because then I’m going to be able to look for it, I’m not automatically going to know where everyones confession is if you just say you sent one and was wondering where it would be.

i submitted 2 confessions like 2 months ago and still havent seen them.... i'm just wondering where you are in the queue of messages because you say sometimes that you don't have many left or whatever....

Well right now there’s nothing in the queue and like 6 left in the drafts and then any that’s been sent since I opened the confession box will still be in the messages. What are they about?

The manga is getting weird now

I come home in a couple of days, will get on dem confessions

Happy Easter

Have a lovely day/weekend and stay safe